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8am-6pm Monday - Friday.

2567 E. 54th St.
Huntington Park, CA. 90255

Brakes are the most important in a vehicle

Safety Features of Your Vehicle.

Keeping them in proper operational condition is key to longer life and peace of mind service. Safe, sure stopping ability is paramount to your safety.

The Pacific Auto Repair technicians, working on your vehicle, have been professionally trained by certified instructors, as to the proper operation and repair techniques for your vehicle. They understand the critical functions of this system and pay particular attention to the details in order to provide the highest quality of repair service.

With your permission, most of our centers offer a free brake inspection. It is a quick process and could save a life plus avoid future costly repairs. If brake service is required we can:

  • Replace worn out pads or linings
  • Replace or service rotors or drums
  • Power flush the hydraulic brake fluid system
  • Repack wheel bearings
  • Replace or service brake calipers or brake wheel cylinders
  • Replace the brake master cylinder
  • Provide complete diagnostics of you braking