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Most vehicle owners are led to believe their vehicles don't require tune-ups.

Today's highly complex and sophisticated engines still require maintenance.

Everything in your engine wears as you use your vehicle, this is normal The spark plugs are designed to operate at longer efficiency levels, however, they don't last forever nor can they provide maximum efficiency after 50,000 miles has expired. Upon close examination one can easily see the wear they have experienced. This wear can cause hesitation, hard starting and a lack of peak engine performance, thereby affecting engine operating efficiency and your gas mileage.

Over 25 years of experience

Our engine performance experts with over 25 years of experience at Pacific Auto Repair can expertly diagnose your engine, analyze your exhaust emissions and perform the necessary repairs and adjustments your vehicle requires to suit your particular driving needs.

All parts and services performed at Pacific Auto Repair have a nationwide warranty of xx months or xx,000 miles whichever first occurs to give you that peace of mind service.